Show multiple sensors in history view?

As for now, the history view ( /history) can filter values for a given date and time and optionally exactly one sensor.
Is there a way to have history show multiple sensors?
(History_graph is somewhere close, but lacks the exact filtering for date and time)
Example: I need to filter/show about 10 entities for today from 17:50 to 18:15 to take a nice screenshot.
Alternative: is there a way to export the data in question and drill through it in another tool?

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You’re currently limited to seeing the history for all entities or one selected entity.

I suppose you could use Grafana to graph the data directly from Home Assistant’s SQLite database (or from a copy of it). If you wish to experiment, there’s an existing Grafana Add-on.

Screenshot from 2021-01-23 18-05-15

this is still the case?

It looks like we can select multiple items… but I didn’t get the trick…?!

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I was just looking for this answer. It does look like it is all or one right now.

I tried modifying the URL to contain two entity IDs and for a second it worked and showed the two I wanted, but then it refreshed and loaded everything.


For future reference it’s now available out of the box in version 2022.7.0
I was looking for it a couple hours before upgrading :slight_smile: