Show off your picture-elements uses

Could it be linked to this ?


Try with a default theme first…

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Hey wierd question but what type of infrared cam are you using for the night vison?

Just a mix of a couple relatively high quality 1080p danish ones (SafeHome), and the rest are $30 not-so-high quality 720p ones from China. All have been working just fine for 3 years though.

Have a few ESP32 cameras too, that I think I paid around $5 a piece for. They are without night vision, ofc :slight_smile:

Thank you that helped me a lot :slight_smile:)


Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post…

Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post…

Your floor plan looks impressive and beautifully designed. May I ask you to share your element configuration so that I can reuse some parts?

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Thanks, but the reply post exceeds the word count, and cannot be sent in .zip format, you can leave your mail, and I can send you my configuration img and yaml,

Thanks to fahr/Aaron and others in this community I’m cranking out a 3D floorplan I’m excited about sharing here. I’ve searched ad nauseam and am still confused about how to add a cover to a picture-elements card. The covers are Lutron shades, Chamberlain garage doors, etc.

It seems (again, I’m confused) that cover templates are for combining switches into covers. I think I need the opposite, treating a cover like a switch, since the picture-elements card chokes on covers.

Thanks to anyone who can save me from additional hours trying to figure this out!