Show person on map instead of devices

At the moment I have two tracked devices in my home assistant. Both devices are android devices with the official home assistant app. The device_tracker are both shown on the map.

Now I linked the devices to a person, but the person is not shown on the map. Is it normal, that the person is not shown on the map and just the devices?

I thought that just the people will be displayed and the devices are not shown.

Here you can see the devices on the map:

Here are the settings from one person:


Thank you in advance.


I’m actually wondering about the same at the moment.

Someone knows the solution maybe? (Sorry for bringing it up again)

There is currently just a workaround available.
You can read about the workaround in this WTH topic:

You can also upvote the idea.

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Simple solution is to not use build in map card :slight_smile:
Just create a new dashboard, set it into panel mode and add just one map card:

type: map
dark_mode: false
default_zoom: 15
  - entity: person.dorota
  - entity: person.mirek
  - entity: zone.dorota_parents
  - entity: zone.mirek_work
  - entity: zone.home
  - ...
  - entity: device_tracker.audi_q5_position
hours_to_show: 24

Side benefits of this solution; you can show not only person, but also device trackers and zones. Additionally it shows also history of movements, if you want…


Do you see location history? If I’m showing only my device tracker i see the trace of it, but if i only add one zone that trace disappear

Yes, I do see traces, even with zones added: