Show price in Energy Dashboard

It would be neat, if the bar diagram in energy dashboard could in addition to kWh amount of each bar also show the price of that particular energy, if the tariff is known. It would be nice to know even with a constant tariff or static day/night tariffs, but especially it would be useful for people with real-time price information. Now it shows daily cost, but only a kWh number for hourly data. Should it show the hourly cost, it might also trivially show the (average) price per kWh for that hour too.

In Europe, it is not at all uncommon to have electricity contract that follows the market price with hourly changing tariff and ability to follow up pricing and see effects on possible changes on consumption habits would be nice.

I agree. The price is shown for the total - but missing for individual consumers. Also - making these easily available for automation (such as being able to easily include the consumption and cost in a notification with e.g. today’s cost of doing the dishes, charging the car, …)

It would be nice to see the cost of the heatpump, washing machine, dish washer, tumble dryer, TV, etc. in the dashboard.