Show Region/city or neighborhood location based on location

Create individual zones for ALL the possible locations of my family is an impossible mission. For example, when we visit the doctor once a year, or when I decide to go lunch near my work.

Google API let us know the neighborhood from GPS location, for example. And we have this information, from Owntracks!

Can we have this feature?

What is this obsession people have with knowing where their family is 24/7? Do you really need home assistant to tell you your child is at the doctor? Is it even desirable? Going to the doctor is highly personal. If your child is pregnant, or wants to discuss contraception, or is depressed, isn’t that their business? Similarly, why do you have to record where you went for lunch? There is enough surveillance in today’s society without making us all spies on our own family.

Knowing when someone is home is useful for home automation. Knowing where they are 24/7 is just intrusive, IMHO.

Some people are afraid to reveal where they are to their family. I never understood this. I’m not ashamed of my routes.

My wife works in another city, and I work 300 miles away from home, in another state! Knowing where each one is help me to organize myself, to find out if they are at home, if they are coming now or if they will be late. Who have kids home know about it. My wife will knows how long I will take to get home, and if I’m at my way, safe. I need to know if my parents already come to their house when I need to leave my child there too.

It’s very usefull.

If someone does not want to be tracked, just turn off the cell phone, or your tracking button.

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Not sure if it is as precise as you’re wanting, but what about this? Google Geocode Custom Component - GPS to Street Address

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You are 100% correct. People are afraid and everybody knows why. Fortunately we have a good family and we care about them. My wife and I are living in US and we’re from Brazil. Only us here outside our city and we need to know about each other for security questions specially because there are human traffic here in US, something that doesn’t exists in Brazil and we have no guns yet. There are tons of reasons to have a nice technology for help us… so let’s use them… why not? Congratulation for be a good man and be proud of this.

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