Show RGB / XY color in grafana timeline

Hi! I am looking to see RGB / XY color in grafana timeline.

I use philips hue lights and can read the brightness on a timeline. I get some kind of mean of the rgb value, but cannot extract the 3 different values as shown in the “Developer tools -> states” tab in home assistant:


  • 255
  • 43
  • 91
  • 0.626
  • 0.279

Any tips?

You should be able to create a template sensor for each of these. But guessing you want to track multiple light with 3 templates each this will become rather tedious.

Why do you want to see this in a graph?
I am trying to come up with a good reason but failing. Once we understand your usecase we might be able to help better

Thank you Sir! I really just want to copy a dynamic scene which the lights a controlled by in another app. Fireplace like app. In order to be able to activate the fireplace dynamic scene in home assistant. The grafana graph will kind of be my coding cheat sheet :smiley:

As i just have 3 lights in this particular setting i guess your advice will work.