Show us your DIY hardware

There is a lot of experience/expertise on here, and how valuable is that if not shared?

Some write software, others develop their own hardware contraptions, whether it is an ESP-based HA controller, a custom water-meter with a magnetometer, or even motorized blinds.

We see a lot of questions on software and configurations, though what I have not seen much of are pictures of DIY contraptions.

So, go ahead, take some pictures, share with the world, and be ready for many questions and followers. Heck, you might even make new friends in the process.

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My latest addition (installed just this morning): an ESP8266 that used a (slightly modified) ESPHome sketch to act as data logger for my Remeha Tzerra central heating/hot water boiler.

Because it runs ESPHome, it’s trivial to integrate with Home Assistant (thanks to auto discovery).

It goes together with supply/return temperature monitor running on an ESP32, using two DS18x20 temperature sensors (also based on ESPHome):


Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I got a Sense few weeks back to monitor my energy usage … it seems with additional devices like that, it’s trending the opposite way :slight_smile:

Hi ,
i’m also interesting with project
but can we use instead of wifi ESP8266 Wemos D1 any zigbee device like cc2530, is it posiblle and can somebody know what must be done to connect remeha/dietrich with zigbee not wifi?

Not possible, ESPHome is (as the name suggests) limited to ESP devices (ESP8266 and ESP32); the CC2530 is a completely different (and much more limited) MCU.

You could potentially use a Zigbee module, possibly even a CC2530, but AFAIK there is no direct support for any in ESPHome so you would have to write part of the firmware yourself.

Build an interface for my pelletstove also based on esp8266

My current side project is low power and very long range IoT mesh network entirely designed from scratch. It uses the Silicon Labs SI4463 transceiver and operates on the lower edge of the 433MHz spectrum (outside of the usual 433MHz devices, but still in the legal part of the spectrum).

The protocol and the firmware are still very much in development, but it already is pretty stable with more than a dozen sensor and actuator nodes. It supports fully dynamic routing over the mesh (so it can change the mesh route on the fly, depending on the signal strength and interference), channel hopping, adjustable tx power and QoS. It can communicate with battery powered nodes over 1km away.

This here is the current prototype gateway. The left part is the air interface to MQTT, the right part a three channel actuator for direct device association (which will be replaced by a 16 channel at some point). Everything is PoE powered.


Do you also have more info such as which esphome sketch you use exactly
and a wiring diagram etc?
I would like to make this too