Pellet stove 'Duepi-evo'

Found someone on Jeedom who partially reverse engineered the serial line.
Now I have adapted it for HA using Ser2Net with [ESPhome-stream-server]
(GitHub - oxan/esphome-stream-server: Stream server (serial-to-wifi bridge) for ESPHome)
Or you can also use ESP-Link; I found an online installer here;just connect your ESP, and hit

The HA Integration can be found on HACS
and is configured like this example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: duepi_evo
    name: <your heaters name here
    port: 23
    scan_interval: 30
    min_temp: 16
    max_temp: 30
    auto_reset: True

Confirmed working on:

  • Qlima Viola 85 S-Line
  • Kalor
  • Artel
  • Foco
  • Centrometal
  • AMG
  • Interstove
  • Wamsler Westminster Quatro 6
  • Duroflame Rembrand
  • Amesti 8100 plus2

All info and more is available on GitHub

An ESPHome config example can be found here:

How to physically connect:

If you like to help out, join us on Telegram

Big thanks go to Pascal Bornat (who initially started reverse engineering for Jeedom)
and Oxan van Leeuwen (for the Stream server for ESPHomeproject)

PS: The original DPRemote app will also work still (use local with your assigned ip address and port)

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I am trying to use the great work you have done on this, but still have some issue for the harware setup :

Would be very happy if @aceindy or anyone could unblock me.


Hi @fif10,

Welcome at the community :smiley:

I’ve tried to answer all questions on GitHub :wink:

Hi, I have that module, how can I assist?

Hi Marcel,

Too late (already bought the module and took the data i needed)
So it is now for sale :innocent:

For the project, we make progress with it, only we all have a time issue, so it goes slow…

OK, do you think it is possible to control the stove from ha using the Duepi Module instead of an ESP?
I once tried to capture the UDP connection to port 2000, but could not really understand what was going on

Hello Marcel,

Since the duepi-wifi module is nothing more then a serial2wifi module (+ some extra software to support their cloud), yeah it should work…

  • install the repository from here
  • find out the ip number from your dhcp-server(router) and make a reservation for it (so it will always get the same ip)
  • use port 2000 (the default port 23 is only used when using the esplink)

Keep in mind the code is still work in progress…but basic functionality is there.
Let me know if it works with the duepi evo!!

Btw, the module uses tcp, not udp…
we are still finding and reversing all found commands :wink:
If you’re interested you can join the devs group on telegram here :yum:

ps: the opposite also works;the dpremote app works fine with the esplink serial wifi :yum:

Really nice to see this project! I have an Artel Julia Pellet Stove with an official Wifi module.
I installed the repository, but it cant connect:

> 2021-03-12 13:29:29 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.climate] duepi_evo: Error on device update!
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/", line 360, in _async_add_entity
>     await entity.async_device_update(warning=False)
>   File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/", line 465, in async_device_update
>     await task
>   File "/config/custom_components/duepi_evo/", line 174, in async_update
>     data = await self.get_data(self)
>   File "/config/custom_components/duepi_evo/", line 124, in get_data
>     sock.connect((self._host, self._port))
> ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 111] Connection refused

My configuration.yml settings are:

  - platform: duepi_evo
    name: "Pellet Kachel"
    port: 2000
    scan_interval: 60

Would be nice to get it working! Anything I can do to help?

This application is for pellet stoves using the Duepi Evo board.

Are you using the DPRemote application or another ??
If so, on which port is it registered ??
Next step…
Can you ping ?
If so,
Can you telnet 2000 (or the port used found in the app), while using the app?
(you only see the replies from the stove)

PS: Just an idea, it might be required to configure the app for local usage (not cloud); maybe these settings are saved within the stove preventing it to communicate on LAN ???

I Have this model: (And I am using dpremote with it)

The IP is correct, and I can ping it, but I cant reacht it with telnet on ports: 23/2000/3000
And I also cant setup dpremote with a local connection. I lookup up in the manual how to switch from remote to a local connection, but the documentation is none existent :wink:

Tap the cogwheel in the upper right corner and select ‘local’

I tried that, but it wont connect. Probably thats also the reason that a local putty cant connect.
But I will reset it tommorow, I assume that it then looses the cloud connection. And try to set it up but only local. (I tried that when first installed it, I prefer a local connection, but it wouldnt connect.

Thats why I am very pleased with this module! Thanks for your support!
(And otherwise I will order an ESP board)

esp board is cheap; including converter board approx 5€

but wifi module should also work; i’ve one here which i used for testing. However, i never set it up for cloud usage, as i want to sell it again :wink:

ps, i am using the esplink now on HA, but i can still use the duepi app (in local mode)

Ok, thanks for the feedback, will reset it, and try again if I can setup an local connection. Then try HA again!

the wifi module won’t send anything by itself, but you can monitor, provided you use the app (or HA, or python scripts) to send commands.

Unfortunately no success. It seems that local access is disabled after connecting it to the duepi cloud. Even after a reset of the Wifi module (I think it only resets the wifi settings, and reconnects to the duepi-server after getting internet access) I can’t get an open telnet connection on whatever port I check, it is closed immediately. A port scanner could not find any open ports, I scanned 1-5000.

I will contact Duepi how to enable local access, and will order an ESP board. (Always wanted to play with these controller boards, so now I have an excuse :wink: )

I will keep you posted if I make any progress!

Hmmm… if it can’t connect to a wifi-router, it should set up it’s own hotspot, called DPRemote-XXXX
Try to connect you’re mobile there and use
username/password = user/user

Then on the next screen there is on an option ’ factory reset’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Because there must be some way to disconnect from the cloud; what if I sold my stove ??

Its get more weird: I enabled the hotspot, did a factory reset. It rebooted but was still connected to my wifi and the cloud connection still worked. Surely I did something wrong, so I did it all again, and after another reset I saw that the box rebooted itself and came up with a still working wifi connection and a working cloud connection.

Then I started the old Internet Explorer just to test if it was a browser problem, but it came up fully working again.

I see that I have firmware 1.33 instead of your? 1.17 or maybe you took it from elsewhere.

oh, that was a screenshot from the manual :rofl: