Show Weekday as entity name for solar pv forecast

I have solar forecast setup for my pv and would like to show the estimated production for one week in advanced so I can plan which days to go to the office and which days to leave the car charging.
Currently it looks like this:
And my brain aparently isnt’t good at thinking weekdays in +3 days.

So I thought I could use a template to display what day it would be lets say in three days. (Today is Friday so that should show Monday.

{{ ['Montag','Dienstag','Mittwoch','Donnerstag','Freitag','Samstag','Sonntag'][4-now().weekday()] }}

However I then noticed that can’t set a template as the name for an entity in an entity card. (or any card for that matter)
Is there any way to get the above image to show the corresponding weekdays instead of “day 3” “day 4” etc.?

You can with this: