Show Xiaomi temperature&humidity sensor data in homekit

Being a noob and not familiar with coding at all, i cant figure out how to display the data from xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors in homekit.
I have HA installed on a raspberry pi, and HA have discovered xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors connected to Xiaomi Gateway 2. I did a basic setup for xiaomi gateway and homekit, following the documentation on site. So now i can connect HA to my homekit on the iphone or an ipad, i even see and can control the light in the xiaomi gateway, but i cant see the sensor and cant figure out how to set them up in the configuration file.

a config share would be much appreciated.

I think you’ll need auto_start: False in your homekit section, e.g.:

  auto_start: False

And then an automation, that starts homekit with a slight delay, so that the Xiaomi sensors can be discovered:

  - alias: 'Start HomeKit'
      - platform: homeassistant
        event: start
      - delay: 00:05  # Waits 5 minutes
      - service: homekit.start

This is taken directly from the homekit documentation, so I suggest you take a look at it:

Thanks for the reply. At last i just left “homekit:” in my configuration.yaml without any “include” from the docs and it just started to work fine.