Show your home energy in a WS2812 LED strip [tcp2led]

Hi, I created a client-server application to display i.e. your current home energy data with a WS2812 LED strip:

in Action

  • blue (not in gif): Grid (to left = to grid, to right = from grid)
  • purple: Battery (to left = charging, to right = discharging), red LED: State of Charge
  • yellow: Solar
  • red: House consumption

In the examples you can find a HomeAssistant script that grabs the energy data (grid, battery, solar, home consumption) and displays it on a WS2812 strip.

The amount of used LED’s stays the same (i.e. 30 LED’s), the percentage of all 4 sensors (grid, battery, solar, home consumption) are calulated based on the sum of all sensors.

Repository: GitHub - ckarrie/tcp2leds: Control your WS2812 led strips
HomeAssistant example: tcp2leds/examples at main · ckarrie/tcp2leds · GitHub

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