Show your most useful webpage embeds!

So I’m curious and a big fan on embedded web apps into HA.

What are you guys embedding in HA?

Ill start with FlightRadar24!

Do you run HA in kiosk mode permanently in a (wall-mounted) tablet? …I’d like to understand the advantage of having it embedded inside HA (as opposed to it being another tab/bookmark in your browser)?

I tried embedding Z2M, Portainer and a couple of other things in HA, but I discovered that I preferred* to bookmark them (along with a bookmark for HA of course!) and keep my HA dashboards for things that HA was controlling or sensing.

[edit: clarification*]

I have a wiki.

This is intended for wall-mounted tablets running the Fully Kiosk browser, and is mainly for interested visitors (although I use it quite a lot to remind myself about things I set up a while ago).

The wiki is hosted by Miraheze - highly recommended.

Clearly, I have a lot of time on my hands. :roll_eyes:


I love having Windy on my weather page…

It’s animated, and I can pan, zoom and change the overlays.

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Windy, of course… no weather page without windy :wink:

And then:

Dutch p2000 system to see, what the lifesavers are doing…

The local Train/Metro/Bus station live info system, which includes delays… to see the unfiltered air traffic live inclusive my own scanner…

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