Showing entities on the map

How do I get an entity to show up on my map?
I can get it to show on the map in a lovelace map card but it won’t come up on the main map on the left panel.
All my zones are showing…but none of the tracking devices.

Are your tracked devices home? Devices with state home don’t show on the map.

Oh ok.
I’lI have to take your word for it, I only have access to HA locally so I will not be able to check this… mmmm!

It’s mentioned in the docs:

Look at the blue note

thank you, undisputable documentation :grinning:

If you add a map card to your interface, it will show you when you are home:

Hello all
Im having an issue
After a few updates I know see myself on the MAP weather Im home or away

Id like to see my wife on the MAP as well

I do have device trackers on my Home page, i see the basics of home or away
But id like to see her on the map the way i see me

any help is much appreciated

Thanks again