Showing off my initial zigbee2mqtt setup

So I finally got around to writing about my first experiences with Xiaomi zigbee sensors and zigbee2mqtt (despite having the sensors installed since last November):

The TL;DR is that zigbee2mqtt is awesome, fast, stable and pretty easy to set up. I’m really liking the multi-function Xiaomi buttons - so much functionality from such a simple device!


Great work! Your article is clearly written, has many details, photos, and YAML examples. Thanks for sharing it with the community.

Nice write up!
I abandoned the xiaomi hub and converted to Z2M fully a few months back after a data loss blew away my HA install and I needed to do a full reinstall.
One thing I also did at that time is to abandon HA yaml automations and move 99% to Node-RED.
(There are still a handful of automations that I copied from other places)
Buttons on NR with Z2M are wonderfully easy.

@hijinx Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving my automations into Node-RED for a while too - it’s just a lot of work at this point!

@123 Thanks for the kind feedback!