Shows scenes on entity card (like in default overview)

Just noticed in “overview” that my zones have scenes added automatically (three in this example)


If I make my own entity card I can add these scenes but they will just be added to the list and get a switch. How do I add these scenes below my switch as is done in overview?

Tried to copy the card from overview but unsuccesful and can’t seem to recreate this myself.

Or is there any way I can copy a card from this default overview? Clicking edit won’t let me do that (which I can do for my own dashboards - copy cards between them)

I had the same question and I found the solution right now.
When you click on “edit overview dashboard” then on the popup window click again on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “take control”. Then you are able to edit the dashboard as you are used to. If you don’t want to take control over the overview you can create another dashboard that has the same information on it and take control over that one. You will find that these scene buttons are part of the entities card in the footer section.

Thanks this worked great! Just wanted to figure out how to get overview back afterwards - so it auto populates again.

This is also possible in overview, press three dots, go to raw configuration editor nd delete everything. It will then auto populate.