SHT temp and humidity sensor problems

It works for a while without any problem.
However, suddenly the data from sht(31) sensor has stopped and showing the log

‘sht3xd:047] Retrying to reconnect the sensor.’

After checking this message in debug level logger, I soft-reset the esp32-wroom-32 device.
And then, no communication with only sht devics…After this situation, hard-reset with reconnect power make them working normally.
Other i2c devices such as lcd display bme sensor work very well…
Only sht sensor got this problem .
What’s wrong with my sensor?

How long are your I2C cables to the SHT sensor?

The total cable length from sensor to esp board is less than 2 meters. Do I concern resistance with cable?

Not resistance, capacitance. It slows the rise/fall time of the signal transitions.

Two meters is pushing it. What sort of cable are you using?

Try lowering the frequency to 10kHz (default is 50kHz).

Also the pullup resistors can have a big effect on long runs, see the first answer here: Using 2m of Cat5 cable at 50kHz gives 1K to 10k Ohms for the pullups. The ESP uses internal pullups of 20 to 50k Ohms. So External 4K7 pullup resistors may help.

One meter from sensor is sheilded 24awg cable and the left is 4*22awg silicone single wire with wago connection.

It is set to 10khz already.

Need to add some pull-up resistor for i2c devices…
Actually, I dont have any understanding about pull-up resistor. Just following examples…

But, still no idea why it is working normally after hard reset??