SHT31 bluetooth sensor configuration help

Hello everyone

So recently i set up a raspberry pi i had around as a simple home assistant instance. my goal was to connect a bluetooth SHT31 Smart Gadget Development Kit from Sensirion (sorry i only can add two links as a newbie) to it. So far i havent figured it out.

I found some infos (first, second) But i think the first one is only for wired sensors, or thats what im getting with the I2C line. not sure, not really my expertise, any of this tbh.

If i input it like in the second link i get:

Platform error sensor.sensirion_sht31_smart_gadget - Integration ‘sensirion_sht31_smart_gadget’ not found.

I’m not sure what i have to do. Do i need to enable bluetooth somehow on the rpi? what do i need to create?

thank you all very much