Shut down HA then stopped VM in VMware Player, now no operating system found

I am on 11.2 - highly configured HA build running fine for 6 months. I needed to reboot windows 10 host, went to settings/system/shutdown HA. Then stopped VM in VMplayer and rebooted host. Now it says no operating system found. I have 100’s of hours on this build and hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance

Have you read this, from start to bottom! ?

Then reflect over what might be relevant i.e todo before you ask, and which information could be relevant for the “readers”

1 have you tried to restart VMplayer (unknown version of your VMplayer ? )
2 For what reason did you have to restart Windows ( i know Windows to often requests this ) If it’s do to a “major” update, i always restart Windows ones again, as for some updates, new configurations is being made during startup …Not that i think this has to do with your issue ( that why this is pt 2 :wink:
3. ( if it didn’t work after a restart, as pt1-pt2 )check your settings in VMplayer, it’s logfile(and in windows-manager “Event-Viewer” )