Shut down raspberry pi

How do i shut down my raspberry pi, It would be easy if there was an option in the menu.

I shut down by connecting via SSH in Putty and then type hassio help. It then gives you the command to enter for shutting down (can’t remember exact command now). Type that, press enter and its done.

It would be better to be able to do this from menu, but that’s currently the only method I know.

“hassio host shutdown”

There is Host OS Shutdown button under Advanced Settings, but I am not sure what it does…

Recently when trying to safely shutdown my HassIO instance (v0.65.5), this SSH command “hassio host shutdown” no longer works and I recieve the error:

parse error: Expected string key before ':' at line 1, column 4

Anyone else experience this? Its kinda rediculous that there is no easy way to safely shutdown HassIO from the UI . . . in order to unplug power, move/relocate, or just safely backup SD Card, etc…uggggg.

I’m getting this same error for all commands at the moment :thinking:

Same here!

Same here too. It may have followed an outage caused by a thunderstorm here, but it seems to be going around. I have no access to the supervisor panel and no ability from ssh to do any ‘hassio’ commands

Same here!

i have an opossing if you want you can shut down your system with a button (see picture 1) dez demand size by first going to button via configure ui → add map → button and then follow the step-by-step plan on the image

and you need to click on click action and you need to click on call service and fill in the input box called service: Home Assistant Supervisor: Poweroff the host system. You save it and ready