Shutdown option is missing in the current boarding section - or might be too hidden

I had started a migration to a new hardware based on pi4 instead of pi 3b.
I had done the backup, prepared the new ssd for first homeassistant boot and then when the very first dialog appeared I had suddenly realised that I had not stored my latest backup on the nas.

So how could I have shutdown the system from there safely ?

I mean the dialog where you create a new project or choose at the bottom line to restore the last instance.
And there is no Shutdown option.

I had to plug the cord , but I hate that especially on Pi’s with all the risks of a corrupted SD card involved and I am not familiar if such plug the cord shutdown can have an impact on the ssd.

Therefore SHUT DOWN NOW would be usefull for all those struggling like me on the current state of the raspberry platform. For all my raspbian devices I have a software and a button to shut down in any case. But HA is not offering that or I am missing such feature. Maybe someone knows cause I had not found such add on like power down integration for raspberry.

If you are running HAOS or HA supervised, then you can shutdown HA or the entire host.
If you run another version then you can only shutdown HA.

Shutdown of HA should be available as a service call.
Shutdown of the entire host should be available as a service call an option in the normal restart dialog under the advanced section.

the screenshot shows the HAOS boot screen and if you want to shut it down safely for example for a raspberry pi you need such button as I had described above.

OR: Where can I shut it down if I boot for the very first time and have missed something ?

Ahh, it is during the he restore process

yes, if you reboard you can also restore and at that point I had recognised that my latest backup was missing which meant I had to shut down the current system but I did not find a button.

I had not found one.