Shutdown option removed?

How do I shutdown HA OS correctly as the shutdown option has disappeared recently.

  • Core2024.4.2
  • Supervisor2024.04.0
  • Operating System12.1
  • Frontend20240404.1


Thanks for the suggestion but advanced mode is already enabled for me. I tried to disable it and enable it again but stil I can not see the shutdown option.

Browser cache refresh?

Clearing the browser cache did not help either. Also it is the same from the companion app.

What is the command to shutdown from Terminal?

Expecting a power outage soon and I would like to shut it down because I don’t think the UPS can keep it running long enough.

host shutdown

Thanks got it shutdown now. Will look in to why my shutdown option is missing more later when I have time.

For reference


Most likely the hassio Core integration did not load correctly. Check the integrations and Core logs, it might have hints what went wrong. From command line, also check ha supervisor logs.

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Checked again today and now all options are available again. So I guess there was just a need to restart or something.

What I did yesterday was to power down HA because a PV system was being installed. Once I powered it back up I added the Sungrow Modbus integration and now that everything is up and running all the restart/shutdown options are there again:

Thanks to everyone that helped me!!

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Thanks for the info. It’s a bit strange and contra intuitive to find a power off in an “advanced options menu” that appears when you click a “restart” link :confused:

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Considering it is turning the entire hardware off that HA is running on, I do not think it is strange that it is somewhat hidden. You may be turning off way more than just HA. Restart is only HA itself.

You will also find it in System, Hardware. That is more logical, but less convenient.