Shutdown overnight causing statistics & utility meter issues, wth?

Off-grid house, really cloudy days… saving as much power as possible, shutdown and turned off HA overnight for a few nights, anyways back up today, kinda…
Statistics entities are unavailable until sensors change to add a single value to the monthly average that the statistics entity is supposed to show.
Utility meters, such as daily runtimes or daily energy use are continuing to accumulate data ontop of what they where up to when shutdown yesterday.
I know I can use calibrate to manual adjust the util meters, but my question is why should I need to?

What has ‘gone wrong’ to create this type of behavior, and how to fix it?

I suspect it might be to do with the “trigger” for the cycle not occurring (it occurs while shut down assuming midnight reset)

Purely a guess, but you might be able to run an automation on startup to force them to cycle

Yes I can create an automation to check if they have cycled to the next day ect, then use calibrate to reset them to 0, etc.
My point being why??
I thought that kind of data management would just be part of the operating system, not something I have to program a workaround for, just in case I happen to have the system shutdown overnight.

Yeah I agree with your sentiment. Not sure what’s the reasoning of that’s indeed the issue.