Shutdown Synology shell command


I would like to add a turn_off section to the wake_on_lan switch of my diskstation and I know Synology has tighten the ssh security, so you can´t login as root directly, and the “normal” admin doesn´t have rights to do a poweroff commad.

Is it possible to do a ssh shell command to the diskstation, do a sudo to root and set the poweroff command with hassio at all?

do you have found a solution yet ? i also looking to do this.

Looking for the solution too. Its been a while did anyone found a workaround to do this?

I was previously running Homebridge and had working plugin but switched recently to HA and looking for replacement.

There is not info at all about this point :frowning:
I tried via ssh but unable as well
Does anybody have any idea or reall sugestion?