Shuts down instead of reboots

As title. When I choose to Reboot from the Supervisor menu on either the app or the web page, my Raspberry Pi shuts down instead of rebooting. All my Wifi plugs reset to their default state (ON for most of them), and this is my indicator that things have gone wrong with the Rpi.

I’ve tried SHUTDOWN and REBOOT, separately. The Rpi turns off the ethernet because the lights stop flashing, and it just never comes back up, without pulling the cable.

As a side note, I’m having to reboot every 2 days at the moment, since an update to InfluxDB seems to absolutely max out the memory, CPU and temperatures and the thing becomes wholly unstable. My lights are also controlled via motion sensors, and a lag in turning on (and sometimes not turning off at all) is an indicator of a pending failure.

In my case Home Assistant 0.113.1 is operating on an SSD drive via USB.

Any ideas?

You can restart the influxdb addon rather than rebooting the host.

I will try that next time, however the entire system is slow and clunky at this point and the information on the web page takes a long time to load up. It’s sometimes quicker just to reboot the whole thing rather than wait for a page to load.

To follow up with this, stopping and starting InfluxDB only worked for a matter of minutes. The ram would fill back up to max and the swap file memory would kick in, ending in an unresponsive system.

I ended up upgrading to a Rpi 4 with 8GB ram and the issue is resolved. More memory was the answer for me.