Shutter/Roller relay + wireless switches


I have some electric shutters which I want to make it to ‘smart’. I looking for a relay, which has two lines out outputs. The shutter works only until it gets power or it reaches one of the end states. I thought about the Sonoff dualr2, which looks suitable, especially because normally I can put it into the DR din holder and I can put it into my EU electric switch box (like where the main switch goes). But is there a better solution? Also, this solution can monitor it somehow the shutter state? (i.e. if I want to send it to 50% from any state, and if I want to see the current state)

Also looking for some kind of wireless switch that I can stick up to the wall and I can control the shutters through HA.

I’m using a dual relay board with esphome to control my blind. I’ve configured as a Time based cover and the esphome kind of calculate the position of the blind based on how much time it takes to get from bottom to top and top to bottom. And I can control the position with a slide in HA.

It can be an interesting solution, but how accurate it is? And how you handle the case when the shutter reached the floor but it can still go down (until the lamellas fully close down)?

To be fair, accuracy relays on your motor and the precision and repetition of the measured time. Usually the lamellas will close as soon as you change direction, so it will be already closed once it starts to go down and will be closed once it reaches final position

Hey there,

have you found a solution, especially a solution that only replaces the wall switches with a smart switch? I think one of the main issues is that the buttons need to have a physical blocker, so you can only have one of them activated (UP or DOWN), so you can’t accidentally activate both :wink:




Yes, I’ve fount. Sonoff dual with Tasmota and Aqara Opple wireless switch.
Sonoff has shutter mode, so it can block automatically one of the relays to be activated while the other one is active (or you can also activate it manually, check the documentation, I’ve activated manually first then the shutter mode, but maybe not needed the first step) and after calibration, you can send it to a specific position with good approximation (within few centimetres).
However, with Aqara switches you also need a Zigbee sniffer. I’ve used a cc2531 with the debugger it was $15,41. And then I can now use any Zigbee too, almost.
Actually I like this Aqara Opple switches, besides the around 1-sec delay that makes no sense but probably needed for the multiple button press detection.
It can be programmed to 1, 2 or 3 press, and log press too. However, the long press is only up to 5 seconds, after that there’s no release message! (this is normal, kind of)
What bothers me in in Sonoff shutter mode is that it has 3 buttons. Up, Down and Stop. Why… Anyway, I’ve turned on the auto-detection feature too, that shows also the same device as a light switch too. From that point, I can toggle directly the relay with a single press, that’s how I mapped to my Aqara switches. And if your interlock feature is enabled, it’s still applied for this case too. Really handy to read their’s documentation. I’ve fount a few treasure there. :smiley:

Thanks for the fast reply! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bit stupid follow up questions. I have to admit, I just started with the whole home automation topic a few days ago. I am a software developer with little bit of electricity / wiring knowledge, but still limited. So again: Sorry for the probably stupid questions:

So you could not “just” simply replace the wall switches with the Aqara switches (or any other switch)? You / I still need the Sonoff dual aaaand somehow wire it to the original cabling of the wall switch? or what have you done? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah mee too.
Amm there are some shutter switches that can do that what you want, or you can use the ‘Shelly shutter’ thing (, that you need to build in behind the switch (so the original switch stays). But I can’t say now an out of the box working solution. Usually a flashing is required for most cases at least if you want secure or without cloud/internet connection a working device. If the flashing is not a problem you can check tasmota’s device support docs page:
Or if you looking an out of the box solution you need to check if there is an intergration for a specific device.
Moes house has shutter glass smart switch as far as I remember (here is the curtain version:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ ), that’s a tuya so there’s an integration, you wire it connects to the app and you can integrate it, or flash it, and integrate it. But what I don’t like in these Moes stuff, that they don’t have the claws and they are bulky, therefore hard to install.

The switch needs to be able to control your shutter, and not all switch made for that (i.e. light switch). You need a specialised one. Or you separate the switch and the relay like I did or as shelly did, keep the old switch and put behind it the smart thing. In that case, you will have a switch and a controller/relay that will do the job.

Your solution can be better because it can work even if the hub is not available, mine not, but I wanted to get rid of the cables from the room.

Thanks again! I will work through your reply tonight when I’m home and check how the wall switch actually looks like and what would be a good solution :slight_smile:

Finally had time to think and work this through. I’m going with the Shelly 2.5 roller relays now and see if they work fine. Especially, because they simple fit behind the actual switch in the wall socket :wink: Plus, you can just talk to them via MQTT and don’t need to have them talk via Shelly servers/Cloud/Internetz. Let’s see, I will post my experience here again then.

Thanks again for the help!