Sick of Conbee 2 not working, can I migrate to another Zigbee gateway?

As the topic, I’m so sick of COnbee 2 randomly dropping out and then is not able to join network for a couple of days, sometimes for some hours… Somwetimes working great for months, then crashing. Yes, I’m using USB extension cord and NO, I don’t have the stick close to a radio transmitter of 10.000dB or such…

Question is if I can move/migrate to another gateway, say Sonoff Universal Zigbee 3.0 or whatever, and keep my paired zigbee devices? Even though I’m not able to connect to the Conbee network?

The Conbee gateway itself can be seen through, but I’m not able to join the network in HA, and such I’m not able to use Phoscon to create/download a backup.

Any input here would be great! :slight_smile:

Will be a pain to repair all devices, bulbs, sensors, you name it…

Or if I to rule out that my particular unit is faulty, if I try another Conbee 2 stick, will I be able to move all of my configuration to the new one?

I saw his video that went through how to migrate to a different zigbee stick

It uses open coordinator backup

I don’t know if it specifically will work for the conbee - he was going between two different Sonoff coordinators in the video.