Sidebar suddenly missing from my android apps?

Hi all

For some reason i can’t get the sidebar menu to show up on any of my android devices.
I havn’t changed anything (no new addons or anything) but suddenly all i see is the left facing arrow at the top of the screen and my dashboard.

Hitting the arrow just makes it glow for a second but doesn’t make the menu appear. Its disappeared off my Pixel 7 Pro (which i did a full cache/settings clean of HA on and reconnected it to no change), my android tablet and my partners samsung phone.

Is there a setting somewhere i may have inadvertently ticked or is there an issue/way to get it back?

Are you using the companion app?

Yup! When i open my app this is what i see, i can operate everything on the main screen but tapping the top arrow just won’t open the sidebar to let me get into settings and what not.


My account is the administrator account but my partners user account also suffers the same issue on her samsung.

Its got to be a setting or something i’ve accidently mucked with somewhere right?!

Gone through all my integrations and apps/etc cant see anything that would/should cause this…

Ahhh don’t worry im an idiot lol.

Didn’t know you had to swipe across from the left of the screen to get that menu to show up…

Its a bit of an issue though cause on later androids (ie pixel 6/pixel 7 android 12/13) it defaults to “gesture” mode and swiping from that side of the screen is the action to “go back” instead of pressing the back arrow on the bottom of the screen/dock menu.

So all this time its just been “backing” out of the app on all my devices and not swiping the screen across.

I swear that menu used to be locked open, this is definitely a potential usability issue with the app cause the android “back” swipe zone nearly fully overlaps the apps swipe zone, makes it super hard to pull the menu open