"Sidebar view": how to control a sidebar's with

I am talking about a stack sidebar view:

I observed that a sidebar’s width changes dependingly on cards - either in the “main” column or in the sidebar itself.
How does it work?
Is it possible to control it?

The only info provided in docs is:

The sidebar view has 2 columns, a wide one and a smaller one on the right.

Good question. I have just tried using the side bar view for the first time and I couldn’t get it to work at all. I was trying to use some custom cards so maybe that was the problem. I tried with the ha-floorplan card as main and a simple entities card in the side bar. I also tried with a picture elements card as main with a valetudo-map-card in the side bar. All that ever happened is they were stacked vertically and only a single column wide.

Anyone had any success with this? I was hoping to have the effect seen on the energy dashboard…

card-mod thread → 1st post → link at the bottom → how to set a width for a scrollbar

Thanks I had seen that (great work BTW) but I was just trying to work out how to use the standard sidebar view. If It actually doesn’t work as advertised and I have to use card-mod then I can do that.

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It is a standard sidebar view, you only have to activate card-mod theme.
A width is set automatically dependingly on cards placed on a sidebar.
Played with different cards (entities, stacks etc) - the width is somehow is set dependingly on these cards’ widths.
So, card-mod allows to set a fixed width instead of automatical.

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I can’t find the link you were talking about. Can you help me? I’d like to fix the width of my sidebar as well.


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Thank you - but where do I need to insert that? At the end of a card in the sidebar doesn’t work.

You have to learn how to use card-mod themes.
Go to the 1st post of the thread for Docs.