Sidebar View - Sidebar On Left Option

The new sidebar is great, but I would love to have an option to have the narrow column on the left side of the view instead of the right.



Moving a right sidebar to the left

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I can’t get it to work can you give me a look at your theme file?

Hi! Found the solution there:

In your theme’s configuration file (config/themes/theme_name.yaml)


  card-mod-theme: theme_name #!important
  card-mod-view-yaml: |
    hui-sidebar-view $: |
      .container {
        flex-direction: row-reverse;

Just came across this post and realized I hadn’t thanked you! Works perfect.

Better late than never? :crazy_face:

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Good evening,

The proposed solution works for me, but it only does randomly on refreshes of my loaded Lovelace UI page. Is this something that you experience as well?!

For my sidebar dashboard I need to refresh my webpage until the theme is loading in properly. This is really annoying and I cannot seem to find the solution anywhere.


Hi, I’m not using sidebars anymore so I can’t tell you.
Maybe you can try to set your theme directly in the view?

title: Meteo
icon: mdi:sun
path: meteo
subview: false
theme: your_theme