Siemens HOB with hood control

Hi everyone, I’m bulding my next kitchen and I’m looking for a hob and a hood. I wish to buy a Siemens hob (with hood control via home connect) and a Elica hood with RF remote control or WIFI app. Is it possible to get the commands from the hob (with home connect integration) and convert the command in RF (with a suggested RF transmitter) or any API used by app?

Thank you very much

it is possible when i power my hob i turn on the kitchen lights under the cabinets too.

regarding the IR interaction i can’t help, no experience.

but you can catch the ‘hub is on’ event and create logic trough that event

Do you have a Siemens/Bosch/Neff Home Connect hob with hood control?

Which model?

Yes a Siemens from a few years ago ex975lvv1e

Wow, A very good model: Flexinduction + Triple Zone!

I dowloaded the manual and I read the chapter about hood integration (with Home Connect):

  1. Press ⁠FAN ICON
  2. Select a fan level in the setting field.
    You can choose between levels 1, 2 and 3.
    To set an intensive level, press 4 or 5 in adjustment range. Alternatively, you can press ⁠b until the desired intensive level is displayed.
    Deactivation of the fan
    :arrow_forward: Select fan stage 0 in the setting field.
    Switching on automatic operation
    :arrow_forward: Press and hold ⁠FAN ICON until the A⁠ indicator goes out.
    Deactivation of automatic operation
    :arrow_forward: Press and hold ⁠FAN ICON until the A⁠ symbol disappears

Hood lighting setting
The hood light can be switched on and off via the hob control panel.

  1. To turn on the illumination, press ⁠LAMP ICON
  2. To turn off the illumination, press again ⁠LAMP ICON

May you try to see if Home Assistant tracks these events with Home Connect Integration, please?

The light appears as a standard dimable light,
and the hood intesity appears as following:

Hi Jeroen,

I’m owning a siemens LR96CAQ20 hood, but the venting level fan stages don’t show up as controls on my side.

However they do exist on the native homeconnect app and hob(2hood) controls
what kind of hood are you using?

I’m planning on paring hood activity with co2 levels in our living/kitchen…