Siemens Home Connect Integration not working as expected

I have succesfully set up the Siemens Home Connect integration by just following all steps of the online manual and to be honest that was really straight forward:

So at this moment I have integrated my Siemens washer and dryer to Home Assistant and it shows 2 devices and 47 entities.

But the problem I have is the status of these entities. Basically the only reliable status is ‘Wasmachine Door’ All the other entities do not ‘update’ as I would expect. ‘Wasmachine Duration’ is always ‘unavailable’, ‘Wasmachine Power’ is never updated (only after restarting HA) and ‘Wasmachine Program Progress’ just stops updating the precentage randomly. I am not sure this is causing the issue but I am using my Nabu Casa subscription. I have also installed the Home Connect App on my iPhone to see what that does but that works fine.

Further more, I am on 0.112.2 and using HA via Docker version 18.09.8 on a synology NAS.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

I can confirm this. Having the exact same issues with our Siemens Dishwasher. Progress works sometimes (e.g. last time to 23%) and then stops working…

I am glad I am not the only one. But I am not someone will look at this. I have asked this question a few times now and nobody ever responded.

Similar issue here with Bosch WAU28669HW wash machine. I need the wash machine program progress to trigger airer auto down and turn on balcony light. But it seems program progress stays at 100% and does not update any more after first wash finished. I need to remove the integration and readd it again to make it work.

Thank you for this! Let’s hope it will work in the future!

Same problem here, the door entity updates instantly but the others are unavailable and the switches does not seems to do anything…

Any update on this issue? The model washer I use is the Siemens WM6HXK70NL.

I am afraid not. The only answer I got was to report an issue on github. I didn’t do that and just removed the integration because I strongly believe that when the issue is this obvious and ‘big’ the developer should know about it. So I have no confidence this will be fixed soon.

For some reason, it started working in my config. Maybe it just needs some time. Also, I get the feeling you might need to activate the ‘remote control’ button on your washing machine.


for my understanding ‘remote control’ needs to be activated before you start the app.

I do not have an “START” control element in home assistant. I have a power switch and a few program switches but I do miss the start switch.

How do you start the disher out of home assistant?


Well, I don’t own a dish washer but a washing machine and I guess the usage of this device is similar to a dish washer. The binary switches only indicate the setup program on the device, they are read-only and cannot be used to control the device. Therefore, HA cannot be used to start and/or stop the device, you should use the Home Connect app for that. And yes, you’ll have to manually power up the device and physically enable the ‘remote control’ setting using the buttons on the device.

Same issue for my Siemens WT47XK90/03. Some entities are not updated correctly (p.e. operation-state, program-process, door, duration, …). They often have the status “not available”. So its unpossible to use this entitys to trigger an automation.
Do anybody knows, if there is already an issue open at github?

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There are a couple of issues open about this in Github:

I’m watching but unsure when we will see a fix.

Same thing here. I have a washing machine, not reporting sensor states anymore or only ih i reload the integration!

I have a solution that is working for the moment. I am using a script to call the relatively-new ‘reload config entry’ service, like this. It seems to be doing the job.

alias: System - reload Home Connect
description: ''
  - platform: time
    at: '05:00:00'
  - platform: time
    at: '17:00:00'
condition: []
  - service: homeassistant.reload_config_entry
    data: {}
        - deviceid1 <- find this in the URL when looking at your Home Connect device page in HA
        - deviceid2
mode: single

I did it by switching on switch.dishwasher_program_auto2 (auto 1 was not working, some programs work some others not)