Siemens Home Connect Integration not working as expected

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I have succesfully set up the Siemens Home Connect integration by just following all steps of the online manual and to be honest that was really straight forward:

So at this moment I have integrated my Siemens washer and dryer to Home Assistant and it shows 2 devices and 47 entities.

But the problem I have is the status of these entities. Basically the only reliable status is ‘Wasmachine Door’ All the other entities do not ‘update’ as I would expect. ‘Wasmachine Duration’ is always ‘unavailable’, ‘Wasmachine Power’ is never updated (only after restarting HA) and ‘Wasmachine Program Progress’ just stops updating the precentage randomly. I am not sure this is causing the issue but I am using my Nabu Casa subscription. I have also installed the Home Connect App on my iPhone to see what that does but that works fine.

Further more, I am on 0.112.2 and using HA via Docker version 18.09.8 on a synology NAS.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

I can confirm this. Having the exact same issues with our Siemens Dishwasher. Progress works sometimes (e.g. last time to 23%) and then stops working…

I am glad I am not the only one. But I am not someone will look at this. I have asked this question a few times now and nobody ever responded.