Sigh - more renaming of devices! - duplicate entity_id

So, it seems that yet again an update has rendered my whole system broken, this has to be 3-4 times now in as many months, but who am i to complain right!

So my issue here now is that the “new IDs” are all duplicated, because my Fibaro modules are picked up as two devices, i’m not even sure what they both do.

light.outside_fence_light_level	off	
new_entity_id: light.outside_fence_light_level
old_entity_id: light.outside_fence_light_level_22_0
friendly_name: outside_fence_light Level
value_index: 0
value_instance: 1
supported_features: 33
node_id: 22

light.outside_fence_light_level_2	off	
new_entity_id: light.outside_fence_light_level
old_entity_id: light.outside_fence_light_level_22_0_2
friendly_name: outside_fence_light Level
value_index: 0
value_instance: 2
supported_features: 33
node_id: 22

As you can see they have the same node ID, but they were different entities. Now i am unable to hide the old 22_0_2 right, because they have the same new_entity_id

This threw me a little bit too, but when the new entity_ids are the same, the system still adds a number 2 to the second one for its actual namespace so there are no conflicts.

If you notice the second device you listed has _2 appended.

I did an entry in customize_glob

  hidden: true

(when I renamed the nodes I started all their names with zwave_)

You can do what I did and add:

new_entity_ids: false

To your Zwave config lines in configuration.yaml which will give you more time to plan out your renames and updates to scripts and automations.

I guess I don’t understand the frustrations…

  1. The breaking change was well advertised and documented. RTFM before upgrading!
  2. The dev’s built in a compatibility switch to allow the old behavior for some time.
  3. You don’t need to upgrade until you’ve had time to do #1/#2 above.

It’s the frequency of such large breaking changes that is frustrating, and the constant reverting on big decisions.

Anyway, that aside, how do I actually correct the issue with duplicates? Reading the changelog and blog it seems the whole reason this method was ditched before was because of duplicate issues

Rename entities (via service call, or better via ui zwave panel) until you like the new IDs

There’s been a lot of changes required to move ZWave support into HA directly as opposed to using OZWCP for everything and having to shut down HA each time.

Along with that are necessary changes to make that work, but honestly I think we are leveling out on any major breaking changes for awhile.

If i’m honest i don’t even know what this second entity is for, i’ve always hidden it.

Does anyone else use Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules and know if they are needed?

Nope, same here, one dimmer switch that has like a thousand useless sensors on it, then a complete duplicate of the dimmer and another thousand useless sensors.

Like I said, I just hide them with customize_glob.

Where do i do this? I can’t see anything about entity renaming in the UI

Zwave panel.

I just see “light.bedroom_1_light Level” twice, how am i supposed to know which one isn’t needed?

Light.bedroom_1_light_level is one device, you just need to hide the duplicate in customize.

How can i hide it, they have the same entity name…

Please see the reply I left within minutes of you opening this thread.

This solution works perfectly.

Thanks, i didn’t see this post apologies.

I’ve not used customize_glob, so i’ll read the docs on that