Signage with homeassistant

I searching to find some support to use homeassistant as signage, any ideas?
I have a minix and synology with docker on it that’s running homeassistant right now.

Regards Maurice

Can you elaborate? “Signage”?

What are the requirements?

Video playback, scheduling, etc or just need to monitor some basic playback of static files

I think you can use vlc component for playback
I guess ha can provide interface but I don’t think HA fits this well.

I created simple signage device with RasPi and just use ffmpeg to playback file. At time I not know about mqtt but mqtt is perfect method for player to report status and get playlist. Also remote control of reboot and other function may be done via mqtt.

I think HA can definitely work well as backend server showing player status and interface for playlist, player remote controller and schedules.

Here you go!

I suppose that’s okay when displaying something static, but not dynamic. I would for example display who is in the office by tracking their mobile devices via home assistant, displaying some news items and weather information too,
I could do it by, using the mimix, home assistant and teamviewer, but this means that everyone can see any interaction i take on the tv screen, so maybe someone has another solution.
You never know.

When the new Cast functionality is out you could just cast a lovelace screen to a TV, having all those items you suggest on that lovelace screen

This looks great and exactly what i’m looking for, thank you for sharing this information.

It might be overkill for your situation but I’ve had great success with the free signage solution Xibo in the past. It has full CMS capabilities as well as scheduling for content. We used it to drive 35 displays in 3 different office locations across the US from one server running on a VM.

Hi rjchu
Thank you for sharing this information, i’ll have a look at it, i’m familiar with CMS systems, so maybe it has enough features, but after all i want to get the information from home assistant mobile devices included in the signage, did you ever tried it to find out how it works ?

I wasn’t using them or Xibo to display any HA data but one of the content types in the CMS is webpage so you should be able to make however many dashboards you want in HA and then configure Xibo to display each url for 10 seconds or indefinitely or however long you want. You can also create layouts which would let you show multiple webpages on a single screen. Now that I’m thinking about it more I’m remembering stuff we did. We had layouts to support monitoring (think a NOC) displayed alongside live video feeds so if you had security cameras you could incorporate them into the same layouts.

Okay, that’s intresting i’ll see the next weeks what time i can spend to find out what’s possible.
Thank you