Signal light banks larger than standard indicator LEDs, smaller than full blown light fixtures


I love indicator lights. I am probably showing my age, but I remember the times of analog modems, when these devices had often 8 or 10 LEDs on the front, each of them blinking away at different rhythms (and there were sound effects too ;).

What I am looking for is a cheap way to get 8 (or 6 or 20, does not really matter) signal lights that will be noticed from the distance, maybe have different colours, but are not larger than a few centimeters, and do not by themselves light up the room too much. Something a bit like these industrial “tower lights”

but probably at a price level more in line with other home automation stuff, and probably a nicer look (even though some of these indicators are fascinating because of their industrial look, most of them are just bland and ugly).

I thought about getting a Wifi power strip for 6 plugs with individually switchable sockets and some tiny Ikea lamp (lots of cables though), or just a few Hue/Tradfri bulbs (same), or an individually adressable LED strip.

Are there devices in this category, that I just could buy on ebay or similar? Any other ideas for solutions in that space, preferably for less than 5$/€ per indicator light (because I want a few of them)?

Thanks in advance,

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