Signal messenger: read events somehow?

Hi everybody,

I use the signal_messenger integration to send notifications to multiple recipients. This works fine.

However, unlike the telegram integration, I don’t see an option to listen to events. Is this possible somehow? Below are the events I can work with

I have a “DND mode”, in which I don’t want to receive notifications. There is no way to automate this through signal messenger. So I was planning to listen to particular signal groups for any incoming messages. If there are any, I want to return something like “Please no messages at the moment” as a reply to the group until dnd mode is off.

(apparently, asking people not to write messages -unless important- between x and y oclock is not an option, as they don't care. This way, at least they'd be notified NOT to message :D ; kinda stupid, but I haven't found a good way to do this - and am not looking for an alternative atm, so hopefully there is a way to do this via event`).

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any solution for this.

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