SignalK Integration for Marine/Boating Usage

Like many others, I would like to integrate Home Assistant as a ‘Boat Assistant’.
All the sensors available like i.e. Zigbee Aqara sensors are easy to setup a basic system.

Nevertheless, on board most skippers have instruments using old standard like i.e. NMEA0183 or NMEA 2000.
SignalK is a Free and Open Source universal marine data exchange format decribed at

Maybe some expert here can tell me, if - in general - a SignalK Integration would be possible to interconnect a marine system or if that would have to be realized as part of the HA core.

Since it has already been acknowledges by the delevopers of HA, that HA will be used in RV and Boats as well, I think it might be great to have an interface for skippers.
Especially the easy to use remote access via HA Nabu Casa Cloud enables boat owners to monitor the boat status (Battery, Temperature, Water in bilge, etc.).


#AvNav #MarineControlServer #Openplotter #SignalK

It would be wonderful indeed!