Signature verification failed when updating from 7.0 to 7.1

I’m getting signature verification filed in the supervisor log when trying to update the OS from 7.0 to 7.1.
I’m running HA OS in a Virtualbox VM on MacOS.
I restarted Supervisor… same problem.
I’ll restart the whole OS later today to see if it helps.
Anyone with the problem on X86-64?

22-01-03 16:26:41 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.os.manager] Fetch OTA update from
22-01-03 16:26:43 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.os.manager] Completed download of OTA update file /data/tmp/hassos-7.1.raucb
22-01-03 16:26:43 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.os.manager] Home Assistant Operating System update failed with: signature verification failed: error:2E09A09E:CMS routines:CMS_SignerInfo_verify_content:verification failure

Running the same setup, but on Windows, no problem here.

I just restarted Home Assistant and I was able to install the update.