Significant delay for iOS notifications

I noticed a significant delay for receiving iOS notifications with my new phone.

I have two phones laying next to each other, both have the iOS home assistant app installed. Both devices are in the same automation which fires a notification.
The one phone gets the notification instantly. My new phones gets it about 10 seconds later.

For instance this is bad if someone rings my door and I get the notification delayed.

What could cause this? And how can I fix this?

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Seems like the issue is gone after restarting iPhone and Apple Watch.

Issue persists. In the meantime I reinstalled the app, but did not help.

If I trigger a notification within the app (so the app ist opened) I get the notification instantly.

When I trigger it from my computer the notification takes around 10 seconds to arrive. It appears instantly on that other phone.

Had an issue with my Apple Watch. I restored it and after that it looks like the issue is gone.

I’ve recently noticed that my notifications are delayed. I’ve also recently stopped wearing the Apple Watch. I wonder if there is a correlation. Will test tomorrow and report.

In the mean time… resetting push ID in ios app configuration seems to have fixed it for the time being.