Significant slowdown of RPi after recent update-current update fails

Dear community.
I have been using HomeAssistant for over two years and it has always worked well.

Recently (cannot say when and with which version) the system started to behave strangely. It is very slow and difficult to access (takes ages for the screen to show up). I have installed HomeAssistant from scratch, however, the situation has not improved.

I am running the system on RPi 3b, with integrations with Tuya, Hive and CloudFlare. I used to connect to MQTT, however, I have not reestablished this connection yet in the new installation.

Today I wanted to upgrade to
Home Assistant Core 2022.11.1 and
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.10.2

and got the following error message:
ERROR (Main Thread) [homeassistant.core] Error executing service: <ServiceCall update.install (c:XXX): entity_id=[update.home_assistant_supervisor_update], backup=False>

Could somebody help?

Thanks, best regards, Aleš

Hello again,

The problem has disappeared after removing Radio Browser integration. Does anzbody have a similar experience?

Thanks, best regards, Aleš