Silent in-wall >=10A 230V Zigbee/Z-wave switches?

Hi HA community!
Been running HA for some time now for controlling lights, standard switches and temp monitoring. I’m looking into controlling my electric radiators to get better control over the house heating.

The plan is to just use a reliable temp sensor together with a remote switch and the “simple thermostat” for each room in the house.

Right now I’m only using Zigbee and 433 devices but could consider investing in Z-wave if needed.

I just bought one of Xiaomis Zigbee temp sensors for testing that seems to be good enough for the purpose (I don’t think 433 sensors will be good enough) but now I’m searching for the best in-wall 230V switch.
I would, of course, want the switches to be silent. Does anyone know of any Zigbee or Z-wave 230V/>=10A switch that is using an SSR as an internal relay and could manage electric radiators as a load?

Googled and googled but haven’t found any!


Fibaro FGS-212
Zwave switch with up to 2.5kW. So, should be enough for heater.
You hear a very low “tick” when activated though.

Thanks, the question is then how low sounding “tick” :slight_smile: And if you hear it it’s not a SSR-relay:-( Maybe there are none in the market? Read on some forums about ppl using Z-wave controlled dimmers to control external SSRs but to have a ready made switch would be much more convenient…

Behind the physical switch in my kitchen , I don’t hear it at all.
So, less than a sonoff !
I don’t know inside what it is. It works ! Good enough fro me. Have used it for 5 years without a glitch.

That is only 10A. How much do the heaters draw?

In 220V, 10A is enough.

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