Silent smart bulb

Hi all,
I am looking for recommendations for silent 220V smart light bulbs.
The last I tried (TP-Link Kasa KL110) making a faint beeping sound coming from the bulb, in the bedroom at night it’s noticeable and extremely annoying.
My thought was a faulty unit, but a replaced lamp has the same behaviour.
Sadly, some similar cases are mentioned in TP-Link community website.

Wifi or Zigbee (I’m using ZHA) bulb type would be great.
Thanks for any hint!

Hi :slight_smile:
So I only use ZigBee lamps from Philips Hue or Ikea Tradfri. The advantage of the Tradfri is of course that they are significantly cheaper than the Philips ones and you can update the Tradfri. Of course, the Tradfri lamps do not have such a wide colour spectrum as the Philips Hue lamps and cannot be as bright or as dark, but they are sufficient for most areas.
I have not heard any beeping from either of the lamps.
If you want wifi, take a look at the Shelly Bulb. (I have no experience with this one)

I use tradfri bulbs everywhere. No buzzing or beeping. This is something that would really bother me too, it would keep me awake.