Silvercrest / Lidl Smarthome

ah nice.
seems to use zigbee as a protocol. could maybe used by everything zigbee gateway like raspbee

Has anyone ordered it yet? It starts selling in the Czech Republic from this week (only on the e-shop). The gateway looks very promising thanks to the Ethernet port. (about 27 EUR)

I just ordered buld, motion sensor and outlet from Czech Lidl shop and will try to pair them with CC2531 using Zigbee2MQTT. Hopefully it will catch up :smiley:

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I bought the LED strip, some bulps and the gateway.
It seems the Sonoff zigbee bridge dont catch them. The Silvercrest zigbee gate seem to be working with no issues and it also seems that Xiaomi devices pairs with their gateway just fine

Futher testing needs du be done :slight_smile:

I bought the gateway and a light bulb.

Did you manage to add gateway to HA?

Bought Silvercrest smartplug, lightbulb and motion sesor (all zigbee) yesterday (Slovenia). Smartplug and bulb successfully added to deconz/conbee, but cannot add sensor. So 66% rate of success :smiley: :smiley:


Unfortunately no… The funny / odd thing is that i got a notification about a device trying to log on my Homeassistant and according to the IP adress it seems to be the Silvercrest zigbee gateway. But i have only had it once and havent had it since. Wondering how that came to be

Reporting that bulb can be paired also with CC2531 using Zigbee2MQTT. Its reporting following:

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
  - blink
  - breathe
  - okay
  - channel_change
  - finish_effect
  - stop_effect
brightness: 254
color_temp: 153.84615384615384
linkquality: 21
state: 'ON'
friendly_name: 0x588e81fffe7158cc_light
supported_features: 47

BTW, manufacturer seems to be TuYa (based on Zigbee2MQTT GUI - but pictures are off so not sure how accurate that is).


interesting… woukd be nice to be able to get cheap zigbee stuff here in Germany too.


The Tuya integration doesnt support the zigbee hub unfortunately

Today I bought Lidl/SilverCrest Smart Plug.
It’s a ZigBee 3.0 device and in my doCONZ is detected under Lights.

Unfortionally this plug doesn’t have “Power Monitoring” capability.


They also start to sell it in spain :slight_smile:

In Portugal too.

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I also ordered several motion sensors and door sensors. What type of battery do they need ? Are they included ?

I’m especially interested in the Christmas lights. Probably all the fancy animations won’t work by default on another bridge. But the rest should do hopefully.

Gonna test with the conbee.

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It will works with Philips Hue?! Thanks

Yes, the bulbs works with Philips Hue - Tested by danish youtuber RepaitGuyDK

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can anyone confirm that the bulbs and the led strip and christmas lights can be paired with the conbee2 gateway with HA?

I answer to myself. It is CR123A for the motion detector

Not tested the bulb yet. But the led strip works like a charm ! Detected at the first time, and it is a very nice color.
it moves smoothly when you change the color. Really great.

I have a Conbee II / USB