Silvercrest / Lidl Smarthome

I’m especially interested in the Christmas lights. Probably all the fancy animations won’t work by default on another bridge. But the rest should do hopefully.

Gonna test with the conbee.

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It will works with Philips Hue?! Thanks

Yes, the bulbs works with Philips Hue - Tested by danish youtuber RepaitGuyDK

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can anyone confirm that the bulbs and the led strip and christmas lights can be paired with the conbee2 gateway with HA?

I answer to myself. It is CR123A for the motion detector

Not tested the bulb yet. But the led strip works like a charm ! Detected at the first time, and it is a very nice color.
it moves smoothly when you change the color. Really great.

I have a Conbee II / USB


So, today I received my Lidl delivery :slight_smile:
Led Strip : paired !
Door switch : paired !
Plug : paired !
Motion detector : not recognized for the moment (if someone can help :wink: )

I use a conbee II / USB

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Now we only need to confirm the bulbs and spots.

From what i can read on some of the Danish forums i attend both bulbs, spots and the LED is working via conbee. So should the powerstrib!

The only thing that causing everyone trouble is the motion sensor from what i can read.

I havent tried this myself though as i’m waiting on my conbee :slight_smile:

This stuff isn’t available in the U.K. yet as far as I know, but I took a quick look at the homematicIP stuff and it’s extortionate. For example, a motion sensor on Amazon UK is £49.95… bearing in mind you can get the Xiaomi Aqara units for £8 each and hardware mod them to have a 5 second timeout, it seems like the Lidl rebrand of this product would have to severely undercut that in order to compete. However, I then found the Lidl sensor and it looks nothing like HomematicIPs one, so I guess they are using a mix of vendors: at €14.99, it’s also more expensive than the Xiaomi, but at least it is quite small (6.5cmx6.5cmx2.85cm). The colour bulbs look competitively priced, as do the LED strips and plugs. I’d be interested to find out the vendors of those.

Hey man, how did you paired door sensor? its not working for me :confused: anyway I found in

in deconZ there are both sensors (motion and Door), but door wasn’t detected in Phoscon :confused:

I am newbie with HA, but this is how I connect the door sensor through a conbee II ;
Configuration > Devices > > Zigbee coordinator

Then I reset the door sensor (push with a thick device inside the “little hole” during 5 seconds

Here you are, you should discover it… The name should be something like “TZ1800 …”

I also discovered the motion sensor by enabling the debug. Very strange. But I need to investigate a bit more

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Great ! I also paired the Motion Sensor too.

Honestly, It tooks me several time to get it. This is what I did, not sure it is the best way, but if it can help :slight_smile:

I tried several times to pair without success
Then I enabled the " DEBUG LOGGING" as mentioned here :
I rebooted the server
I pair again the motion sensor :
Configuration > Devices > > Zigbee coordinator
and reset the door sensor (push with a thick device inside the “little hole” during 5 seconds

The firast time , the sensor was discovered, but no motion was detected. I do not know why.
I pair a new time.
A bit messy, but now it works perfectly.

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Hi Guys,
Bulbs working too. All 3 types

Bulbs are working via deCONZ but sensors not.
So I moved everything to ZHA as Totowah mentioned. And I paired all 3 types of bulbs and Door sensor. With motion sensors, I have a problem still. (It’s paired but not working as a motion sensor(I will now try it with debug mode) Motion sensors already working too.


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Thank you, helped! Its working now! :slight_smile:

What effects are enabled for the led strip?

And does anyone has the Christmas lights?

They dont have the christmas lights in their DK productline atm. Seems to be different from country to country. Sounds interesting though can you share a link?

Yeah, just a few days ago they had not listed any zigbee devices in Germany, now they have some at least. And they are quite a bite more expensive compared to e.g. Spain…

Dutch site. Don’t know if other countries will carry them.

Basically it’s zigbee enabled rgb led christmas lights. And according to their site you can enable 3d effects on the tree. Every individual light can be set to a different colour.
I’m not very hopeful all these effects are enabled via conbee and ZHA or any other hub except the lidl one for that matter. But we’ll see :slight_smile:

I Think it’s the most exicting addition to the smart home lidl progam. All the others we know already :wink:

edit: Ah, here are the manuals in all the languages:

It seems there are buttons on a box for the christmas lights to set colours and functions. If these buttons are also available via zigbee it should work. At least looping through the settings.


Hi guys,

i am newbie with HA. Did anybody bough gateway with those lights and sensors? How did you manage to connect it with HA?