SimpiSafe with HA Sensors

So long story short – there has been a series of break ins in our area, and in addition to the CCTV cameras we have up, we are keen to look at an alarm system.

I already have a large number of door and window sensors (a mixture of DIY, xiaomi and others) all integrated into HA and working for automation purposes.

I can see that theres a HA component for simplisafe, but does this work 2 ways ? Can i use my existing sensors in HA, and use that to trigger the SimpliSafe alarm? It would be annoying to have to swap them all out.

Ive started down the track of my own HA based alarm, and have it working, but struggling to key an entry pad that meets the Wife Approval Factor - and also like the idea of having key areas/sensors not reliant on HA in the event of something bad happens.

Im not set on SimpliSafe, its just the best option out of those that ive been able to find.


This post here seems to suggest that you would not be able to hook in existing HA sensors to SimpliSafe. Would love to hear what you end up settling on - I’m also looking to set up my own HA-based security system.

I have come to that conclusion with pretty much all the off the shelf alarm systems.

Abode seems to have the most potential, but even then HA can use abode sensors but it seems not easily the other way around… Abode triggers events on arm / disarm, but couldn’t see a way to trigger alarm itself. I have put this on the back burner for the moment anyway.