Simple automatic schedule for each device

There is simple way to make automatic schedule (time on , time on off , days etc) for each deviceby using UI.
I mean that first I choose which device I want control , second what the time for turn on and off, and last one which days this schedule should work.
I hope I was clear.

Yep, use the Automation Editor.

trigger type is time. You have to type though, not click interface.

Hi petro,
first for your reply.
I want something like that:

that I will can set simply to each device

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That doesn’t exist. This is an open source product, everything is going to be a bit of a challenge to set up.

yes I know, but can give some guidelines how to do that ?
I want develop generic code that will be good for any device/ switch (scrolling menu maybe?)
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You need to learn yaml. The best place to start is the link I provided, which is the automation editor. You want to set up a time based automation, so you need to use the automation editor to create it. You can also look at this link to see it written out in yaml.

Look at the two automation links on the right side of the page.

also, this is a notification and service that I use. This is close to what you are looking for:

- alias: Reboot Once A Week
    - platform: time
      at: '10:00:00'
    - condition: time
        - wed
    - service: notify.ios_phone
        message: "Rebooting..."
            badge: 5
    - service: hassio.host_reboot
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There is no simple way to do that.

I did create a timer that would work on any entity using a handful of components and automations, but you are creating a timer yourself.

If you want GUI timers on a lot of devices I think it would be easier to use something like Node-RED’s Big Timer, but even then it isn’t quite what you want.

Thanks alot I will try something and I will update

Did you find anything useful?
I was thinking to use Google Calendar to create the Schedule (easy to use) and then use the Google macros to call to HA’s API (using the UrlFetchApp.fetch(HA_url, options);:wink: to activate/deactivate different components in HA.

Another option could be a combination of Google Calendar and MQTT Messages. See this project:

im still new to HA, but if the feature like what @orcool mentioned and implemented, it would be very useful. Example like some people set routine turn on their certain lights at certain time and day as at home
Hopefully someone has a simpler solution to make a input for 24hrs basis without preset every hour and minute timer, it would be saving so much time
It could be input slider or number, but input number would do the job just fine.

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You should check out schedy:

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Hi everyone.
I was also shocked by this lack, so I decided to write this addon by myself.
It is in alpha stage.
If someone would try and do some beta testing, just let me know.

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This looks good @ArthurDent1975
Where can we take a look at the code?

Thank you @SaNewm
I’m fixing the last bugs.
As soon as it will be ready I will (try to) understand how to distribute it.
This is my first addon, so I’m a rookie :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I will publish updates on this topic.

Upload it (with some documentation) to Github and have a word with an author of HACS.

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Ok guys, if someone wants to beta test the add-on, I published it on GitHub.

You have to add this repository in the add-on store of your Home Assistant and than you will find the SimpleScheduler Addon

I will wait a couple of weeks before opening a topic in the “Share your Project” section.
Meanwhile I will wait for your feedbacks and I will write some documentation (even if there’s very little to say) .


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I’ve just installed and tested it. It works! (but I’ll give you some UI feedback later) :wink:
Well done!

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Official Topic:


Is there away to install Simple Scheduler without hass addon? Since I install home-assistant with docker without hassio