Simple automation question

What exactly is the id: for in an automation? e.g.

- id: turn_on_the_lights
  alias: Turn on the lights
  trigger: blah blah

Are there any cases where it is necessary or useful?

I’m having an OCD session and cleaning up my code. Some of my automations have an id: some don’t. I have never used it so would like to remove them unless there is a reason not to.

(They have all been typed in by me not created by the automation generator in the front end).


You only need it if you’re using the automation editor, it’s so the editor knows where to put the modifications.

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You’re back!

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@anon43302295 is right. Watch out using the automation editor because it will shuffle and id all your automations.

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Ha, never went away, just ridiculously busy IRL :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to be missed though :wink: