Simple Automation Script for Hot Water Boost

Hi, I’m a newbee so just trying simple automations to start with. I’ve got quite a bit working now but struggling with hot water boost.

I have a z-wave relay with sensor that I’m using for the hot water tank. I’ve got a schedule set up with turns hot water on and an automation that turns it all off. For some reason this simple automation isnt working to bring it on boost? Can anyone help?

alias: Hot Water Boost
description: “”

  • platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.hot_water_control_air_temperature
    below: 55
    condition: []
  • type: turn_on
    device_id: 885ff857910a22568ba3adb75828ffa1
    entity_id: 626a094c850ae449d70a92c13a526ebd
    domain: switch
    mode: single

Please read the guidelines in the community on how to format your automations, it’s not possible to tell what is wrong if it’s not formatted correctly.

Hi there, I’ve been experiencing the same issues with an automation to turn on the hot water boost, triggered by a Xiaomi BLE thermometer. Did you manage to resolve your problem and if so, how?