Simple button in dashboard activates tts automation

I simply want to add a button which triggers an automation. Its an automation to notify the speakers that the dinner is ready.

The automation is simply triggered by the button but the action is tts

This is what i have:

        platform: event
        event_type: "etenstijd"
        id: "etenstijd"
        service: tts.google_say
          - media_player.living_speaker
          - media_player.bedroom_beau_speaker
          message: 'Het is etenstijd'

My automation config keeps saying i need to add action, while there is. Also homeassistant did not show the automation as usable in button card. im completely new to automations in HA

I wanted to make this in nodered with a simple Entity node, where i made an switch that was connected to call service tts. But sadly whet calling for nodered trigger it gave an error in HA which said it does not excists, also i see youtubers having node red as intergration and able to view the entities int produces, i only have it in add ons and can not find it in intergrations.

I would love to have this work on nodered but HA automations is ok too!

If you need any info, feel free to ask!

I don’t use NR but if I wanted a simple front end button to do a tts I would make the tts portion a simple script then use the button card and set the tap action to call the service to run the script.