Simple & Cheap Zigbee Bed Occupancy Sensor

After looking for a cheap, non-intrusive and easy to install bed occupancy sensor, I decided to use a cheap Xiaomi Aqara Door and Window Sensor without any modifications.

The idea is really simple, place an additional bar / slat to which you can mount the sensor on, then attach the magnet to one of the slats of the bed.
Make micro-adjustments to the positioning of your bar and sensor until the sensor switches from state CLOSED to OPEN and validate the positioning by laying on your bed and checking it the state switches to CLOSED again.

Parts required:

  • aluminum bar ~ 4 EUR
  • Xiaomi Aqara Door and Window Sensor ~ 12 EUR each

This idea is confirmed working with beds with flexible slats beneath the mattress.

Enjoy tinkering!


That looks simple and because of that awesome!! Thanks for sharing your idea!

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Good idea! :+1:

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