Simple door bell button?

Hi Community

I have seen several entries about this and similar topics, but have not seen an positive (to me :wink: ) answer.

I need a new doorbell. My current one - a 433MHz, has decided to give up.
There is no power near the door… so an easy solution with a ESP32 is out of the question… and I don’t feel like cabling to the door…

I have a lot of zWave devices (door windows and thermostats), so this works fine. I have a Sonos speaker connected, so when my windows have been open to long, sonos says its time to close…

So, in my small naive world, I had hoped to find a ‘z-wave’ button, that I could include in the network, and have it say on sonos when it is being pushed/when someone is at the door…

But I can’t find any zwave buttons… not simple ones with just ‘one’ button.

What can you recommend ?

Guess I could make something out of a door/window sensor…


I have a HANK 4 button controller, it works well. There is a 1 button version that might be what you want. The 1 button version is fully supported by HA. Battery life is good. I doubt it is weather resistant.

I think that Aeotec, Fibaro and Samsung Smarthings have 1 button zwave devices too.

I opened up a ZigBee door sensor and soldered an old-fashioned doorbell to the reed switch. The advantage is it actually looks like a doorbell rather than a nondescript smart button. I assume you could do the same with Z-Wave. I chose a sensor rather than a switch because the large reed switch means there’s plenty of room for my crappy soldering skills.

Since you don’t have Zigbee, you’re unlikely to like my solution, but I just use a Xiaomi smart button, looks alot like a doorbell and battery powered. Mine’s under a sheltered area, so far it’s survived outdoors.

as it 433 you could get

put tasmota on it

get some of these


Welcome to the community @joernborup !

I’m using an Amazon Dash button (wifi) with the Dasshio addon, so far has been working perfect for the past year.
I triggers TTS to all the Google Home Mini’s in the house.

Dasshio config :

timeout: 10
  - name: Doorbell
    address: 'FC:65:DE:XX:XX:XX' # Redacted ;)
    domain: script
    service: doorbell_ring
    service_data: '{}'

Doorbell script over there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: